A Gaggle of Geese..

Hi there, Lakeside Stampers!

I wanted to do a quick post, in between gardening, to wish you all a safe Memorial Day Weekend. That doesn’t make sense “Day” and “Weekend” in the same greeting. You know what I mean. I hope you all spend the weekend with family and friends doing all of the things you love doing. For me it’s going to be a weekend of catching up on outdoors, especially since the weather here is beautiful. 

Here are a few more photos I just took of some more flowers growing in my garden and the gaggle of geese and goslings which are following me around the property. Weird, hugh? I guess it’s the perks you get living on a lake.

So, as we welcome in the Summer of 2010, please remember those who gave their lives and are serving for these freedoms we all are enjoying. 


































































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  1. Dee June 2, 2010 at 11:46 am #

    Beautiful photos!

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