Where the Sun Sets in North Carolina…

Well John and I are finally on vacation at Sunset Beach, North Carolina. We have been coming here for over 22 years and still love it here. It feels like home-comfortable and familiar.  You have to love the beach, sand, sunsets and flip flops because that is the sort of vacation it is. 

Sunset Beach is an island in the southern most part of North Carolina. It is where the sun sets in North Carolina. It's true. We just have to go down Main Street to the island's tip and every night we get a perfect seat to watch the perfect sunset. You get to this magical place by means of a pontoon bridge soon to be replaced with a modern day bridge-too bad about that. The bridge has always been part of the charm. Just today when we went to Bill's Seafood  to pick up scallops, yummy, he said that the Golden Rule is, "Those who have the gold make the rules." Here are a few photos from the trip so far. I will post more from time to time.  i'm also trying when I have a little time to post some projects I did before I left.  The internet connection here is slooooooow…

The Moon (as if you couldn't figure that out)



Below is a photo of a seagull. He was very cooperative and I got a few close ups of him. I say he because he later showed off big time!



A Palm Tree on our block…


One of the perfect sunsets…



Wish you were here.

HUGS & Sunsets,




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