Stampin’ Up! Holiday Wish List

What do you really want for Christmas & Hanukkah?


Unknown-18 Are you tired of getting something for Christmas that you really didn’t want? That you had already? That DSC_0139 doesn’t fit?


Hire me as your personal elf to let your loved ones know exactly what you want!


 I have created a “WISH LIST” just for you. all you have to do is download the  Wish List here. 


Simply sit back with a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, go through the  Stampin’ Up! Idea Book and Catalog and fill in “Your Wish List” with what you really want for Christmas or Hanukkah and who you want to buy it for you. Send it back to me  to the address on the bottom of the Wish List or email me the information at  by November 29.  I’ll contact who you named and discuss what they would like to purchase for you. As soon as I receive the payment in full, I’ll place the order, WRAP IT and hand it over to your love one to put under your Christmas Tree.


Just think, this could be the first year that you actually get what you really want.


Stampin’ & Holiday Hugs,


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