Tool Tip Tuesday: Storing Baker’s Twine…

I don’t know about you, but I love the Stampin’ Up!’s Baker’s Twine, but sometimes I have trouble when I want to use a lot of it to wrap around a project or card. I find the cardboard, which the twine is wrapped around, tends to flap around on my work surface. Sometimes I feel like I need an extra hand, one to hold the project I’m working on, one to wrap the Baker’s Twine and one to unwrap the twine from it’s original cardboard. This is what I came up with to solve this problem. I think you’re going to love it.

Stampin' Up! Baker's Twine


I started by unrolling the Baker’s Twine form the card board it came on. I rolled it on a card board spool I had. They also sell wooden spools at your local craft or fabric store.

Baker's Twine on a Spool

Once the spool was all rolled up I placed in in the shaker jar I purchased. This jar holds all three of Stampin’ Up!’s Baker’s Twine.

Shaker Jar for Baker's Twine

Because of the holes on the lid, you can store as many spools that will fit in the jars. Each spool gets an allocated hole for easy access.

Lid of Baker's Twine Jar

Here’s the jar with two filled spools.

Baker's Twine Spools in Jar

I certainly hope you’ve enjoyed this Tool Tip and rush out, buy a jar and start spoolling around your Baker’s Twine.

Click on BAKER’S TWINE to order.

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