Tool Tip Tuesday: Cleaning Gunky Scissors

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Today’s tool tip is an easy remedy for cleaning gunky scissors. And, in case you’re wondering if “Gunky” is a word, it indeed is. Gunky is an adjective of the word, “Gunk” and is filthy, sticky, or greasy matter. Other related words are crud, dirt, grime, filth, muck, smut, soil. Just thought you’d want to know!


Tool Tip Cleanning gunky scissorsWell, what do you do if your scissors have gunk on them? 


One easy solution I have found that works great is a simple alcohol swab.  Buy a box and keep them with your crafting supplies for easy clean up, of not only scissors, but work surfaces and fingers as well. Use the swab along the blade of the scissors, being careful not to cut yourself. Simply rub the swab back and forth of each blade.


Works every time! Just trying to help you with little tips to make your crafting life better…


Happy Mardi Gras Hugs,

Diane Caro, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


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