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Just for fun I thought you would like this different post. Here is a bit of trivia about The Teddy Bear’s Picnic Song. The song consisting of a melody was composed by John Walter Bratton in 1907 and lyrics by British song writer Jimmy Kennedy in 1932. The song is still popular today and in fact The Teddy Bear’s Picnic is celebrated on July 10.

A teddy bear’s picnic involves a picnic in which children bring their teddy bears. A fun way to plan and hold this event would be first by making teddy bear invitations. You can spread a plaid red and white gingham blanket on the grass or use gingham napkins, At the picnic table set places for each guest and their teddy. Use play tea cups and plates for the bears. The booklet I designed could be made by you to handout as favors. 

 Here’s the booklet I designed.


DSC_0697   DSC_0698  


Now, I’m not including directions for this project on my blog. The only way you get get a copy of the booklet and directions is if you place an on-line order through me during the month of July. So, act now if this is something you want to use for a party, workshop event or for that special little someone in your life. After all, who doesn’t love teddy bears?

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