Technique Week, Wednesday: Distressed Paper Flower

Welcome to Technique Week, Day 3.


Paper Flowers are the BIG rage right now. This Paper Flower Technique is quick, easy and has wonderful results. You can add glitter along the flower edges for add glitz and ever give them a light spritz of perfume.

 Finished Flower

Here are the Instructions:

1. Two Scallop Circles



1. Punch out wo 2-3/8″ Scallop Circles with a punch, out of Pretty-In-Pink card stock.





2. Crimp 3. Roll into Ball

2. Run the two Scallop Circles through the Crimper. I ran each scallop through twice in one direction then twice in the other.


3. Once each scallop has been crimped, roll it into a small ball. Keep squeezing it with your fingers.


 Paper is made up of fibers and this will help break down the fibers and the layers of paper will separate.

4. Separate Flower Layers



4.  Un-roll the ball and give the scallops a few rubs with a bone folder. You’ll notice the paper layers coming apart. Carefully, separate the two layers of each scallop.





5. Sponge Edges on Both Sides


5.  Once you have the four layers, sponge each edge with a Sponge Dauber and Pretty-In-Pink Ink Pad. Do both front and back of each scallop. Besides all the wrinkles, and softness to the paper, the sponged edges will add to the distressed look.




6. Layer & Pierce Center



6.  When the edges dry, layer and pierce the center with a Paper Piercing Tool.

To find the center fold the scallops in quarters.






7. Add Brad Finished Flower


7. Add a brad to the center of the layers. Once the Brad is in place holding the layers together, wrinkle up the layers one at a time until they resemble a flower.






Now you have a quick and easy method for making Distress Paper Flowers. For smaller flowers use the  smaller 1-3/8″ Scallop Circle Punch. Go ahead and use these on your hand-made cards, scrap-book pages, party favors or as a pin.


Have fun trying this new Paper Flower Technique and check back tomorrow for anothe great technique!

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