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Today’s Technique Tid-Bit is how to hand stamp candles. For this project inexpensive candle work well. Decorating a candle, using tissue paper, is a very popular method. Not only do the candles look beautiful, this method is easy to do

Autumn Splendor Wrapped & Stamped Candle

You will need a candle, white tissue paper, stamps and ink pads, waxed paper, glitter brads and heat tool.


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Use a hard, brittle candle, meaning an inexpensive candle, from a dollar store or such. If the candle is made from soft wax  it will melt too fast and too much.


Here’s what to do:


1.    Stamp your desired images on to the tissue paper. For this example I chose the Autumn Splendor Stamp Set. I have stamped several leaf images in Cajun Craze, Tangerine Tango and More Mustard. The acorn image I stamped in Chocolate Chip.


2.    Cut out each image out, close, but not exact. You won’t see the edge of the tissue paper once you melt it to the candle.


3.    With Dotto, roll a small amount on the back of each image and place the images where you want them on the candle. The dotto isn’t meant to adhere the images permanently, it’s used to give you the opportunity to place your images where you want them.


4.    Cut a piece of Waxed Paper long enough to wrap around the candle and to give you a rolled handle to hold on to. Wrap the waxed paper tightly around the candle, so it secures the stamped images in place.


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When you wrap the waxed paper, make sure the waxed paper’s waxed side is to the image. Think of it as a waxed sandwich; candle, image waxed paper. If you’re not sure whether you can manage to hold the full length of tissue paper around the candle and to heat all at once, then heat your stamped images individually. 


5.    Heat gently with Heat Tool – keep moving the heat around, do not concentrate too long on the one area.  You will see the image change colour, this is when it is ready.


6.    Carefully remove waxed paper. The image will be melted on to your candle with no tissue paper edges showing.

Autumn Splendor Stamped Candle & Tile



Now you can decorate the candle further if you wish.  Here I  used some  of Stampin’ Up!’s Glitter Brads. I just pushed the prongs of the brads into the candle.



I also stamped a tile for the candle to sit on,




To finish off the candle I packaged it in a cellophane bag which was topped off with a Chocolate Chip Satin Ribbon Bow and a Gold Embossed cut out leaf.


By the way, my candles sold out in five minutes and I wish I had made more. If you’re doing a craft fair these are a great product to make to

sell or give as a gift.

Autumn Splendor Stamped Candle 1

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