Tears Fell Softly…

My daughter wrote this poem when she was 15 after 911 happened. It is dedicated to all those whose lives was lost. To all of you who served and are serving in the military for our safety and FREEDOM, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts…


                by Meg Caro


       Tears        fell         softly           Still      running      swiftly
       And    the    world    cried            The  tears  from  our eyes
       We  stood  by  &  watched            Afraid     of    the    future
       As      thousands       died            So          many          died
       Hate crimes  done  cruelly            Fear       took        control
       And  no  one  knows   why            As  smoke  filled   the  sky
       How  could  this   happen?            A    shadow   of   darkness 
       Why    did     they      die?            Covered       our       lives
       The   towers   fell   quickly           The     days     went      by
       Like the tears  from  our  eyes            And   still  the  world cried
       We     couldn't    stop     it            Disbelief   in   our   hearts
       And  no  one   knows   why           And   tears   in   our  eyes
       Emotions        a        mess           But   stronger    we  stand
       So      many      distressed           Smiling  through  the  pain
       Our    freedom     attacked           A   prayer    to   all   those
       And  burned  all   the   rest           Who  lost  family  in   vain
       Taken                   unjustly          United      through     hope
       It   was   not   their    time           We    will    not    give   in
       How   could   this  happen?           GOD   BLESS  AMERICA
       Why     did     they      die?           We    surely     will   win… 


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