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Button Flower Pin…

Stampin' Up! Buttons, Button Pin, Button Jewelry

I know you think I'm going crazy with these button projects, but they're so much fun to make. Here's a nice project to make someone to celebrate Spring or Easter. I don't know about you, but when I have dinners here, which is always, I like to give a little dinner favor. These would be wonderful to make and hand them out for birthdays,  teacher's and Mother's Day gifts. Again, this is a child friendly project.

Stampin' Up! Buttons, Button Pin, Button Jewelry


Gather some buttons in various sizes. The size needs to be appropriate for the size flower and petals you want you pin to be.


I use five Old Olive buttons for the outside petals, and a larger one for the middle. I accented each Old Olive petal with a small Blushing Bride button form the Twitterpated Designer Button Collection. In the middle I added another Stampin' Up! button, which fit in the center of the button perfectly.


First place your five petals together, so they touch and resemble a flower. Place a dab of Crystal Effects on each button petal and gently place the larger Old Olive button in the center.


For the back of the button  pin, I used these self adhesive pin clasps found at you local craft store. I spread a little of the Crystal Effects along the adhesive, just to reinforce it. You gotta love Crystal Effects, it holds everything!

To order the Twitterpated tiny buttons CLICK HERE. Get them before it's too late, because these are featured in the Stampin' Up! Occasions Mini Catalog which  is good to order from only until April 30.


Send me your fabulous creations. I love it when you share them with me.



Diane Caro, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


Button, Button. Who’s Got the Button?

Stampin Up Buttons, Button Bracelet


Button Bracelets are nothing new. If you're anything like me you probably have lots of Stampin' Up! buttons and while we all use them on our card and in our projects, we'll never use them all. This is a great project to use up some of those buttons sitting in jars just waiting to be used. When you're making your button bracelets, don't forget to include your kids in the making. Kids LOVE to do this project as well. And, on top of it all it's easy peasy to make. Lets get started.


Stampin Up Buttons, Button Elastic Bracelet


I used a piece of beading stretch elastic. You can use wire, but then you'll have to use a crimp bead with a loop and bracelet clasp. If you make jewelry these items should be familiar to you. If not, just use the elastic as I have done





First layout your buttons the way you want them in your bracelet.


              Stampin Up Buttons, Button Bracelet


Cut a piece of elastic, twice as big as your wrist. Tie a knot about 3 inches from one end .


String your first button onto the elastic and bring it all the way to the knot in the elastic. I used two hole buttons and if you're using buttons with two holes, bring the elastic up through one of the two holes and down through the other. If you're using buttons with four holes, bring the elastic up through one hole and down through the diagonal hole.


As you string on your buttons, bring the bracelet up to your wrist to see how close you are to finishing. Your bracelet is finished when you can wrap it around your wrist and there are enough buttons strung on to cover your wrist.


When your bracelet is long enough, tie a square knot. That's a regular knot. As you're knotting, pull on the two ends of the elastic, to stretch it out. You do this, because elastic tends to stretch out after worn. This way your bracelet will stay with the buttons nicely touching with no elastic showing. Trim off any excess elastic at each side of the knot.

Stampin Up Buttons, Button Bracelet


For my bracelet I used Stampin' Up! retired Sherbet Buttons and I layered one small button on top of a larger button.


Thanks for visiting!


Button Hugs,

Diane Caro, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator




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