Summer’s End… …Autumn’s Beginning






Many of you have emailed when I'm returning. I will be returning on October 3rd. For many of you, who know the happenings in my life, this is a well needed vacation. I  have pre-scheduled posts during this period. 

Last year in "The Vine" I wrote:

"As I reflect back on this summer it warms my heart because it was filled with doing some of my favorite things with people I love most-my family and friends." 

Well, the same goes for this summer although I didn't get to garden as much as I would have liked due to all the rain we had, I did manage to spend lots of time with family and friends at  BBQ's, graduation parties, birthday parties and Meg and John's engagement party which, I might add was a sunny day in more ways then one!

Our nights, both during the Summer and part of Autumn consists of us "Hanging Out" on the back deck with the fire pit blazing, watching fireflies, listening to kady-dids and music. This year Richard, my future son-in-laws dad stayed with us for a week. Again this was a week of NO RAIN! We ate every meal outside on the deck and much card playing, great conversation and laughter was shared. Life is good and simple here and we like it that way, simple.

So, remember in these tough times, "The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have." 

See you In October!!!!

HUGS & stamps,
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