Spring Floral Egg

Now you might think that decorated eggs are only for Easter, when in fact they can be used all Spring. Eggs represent rebirth, hence Spring. And, when we think of Spring, we think of flowers. So, this egg is perfect to leave out all Spring!

The first thing you need to do is go to your local craft or fabric store and pick up styrofoam Eggs and Sequin Straight Pins. You can use regular straight pins, but Sequin Straight Pins are shorter and therefore they don’t interfere with each other when pushed into the styrofoam egg. The size of the eggs I purchased are 1-7/8″ x 2-1/2″. They come six in a package. And, the sequin pins I used have pearl heads.

Here’s what I did:

Begin this project by punching two different sized flowers in various Spring colors.

I punched small and large flowers from scraps of card stock I had. Some isn’t Stampin’ Up!, but I used those colors , because I love the neon colors. Each egg, with double flowers, took between 60~80 punch flowers.

With my Paper Piercer I pierced a small hole in the middle of each flower. You may be able to omit this part if the pins you’re using are strong enough to go through the card stock alone. But I found the pins just bent the flowers and didn’t pierced a hole in them. 

Once the flowers were pierced, I stuck a sequin pin through the hole of a small and then a large flower, dabbed the pin in a little Tombow Glue, to hold it in the Styrofoam, and pushed it into the egg. You can place a Basic Rhinestone or Pearl in each flower if you use plan sequin pins.

When the whole egg was covered I cut about an 8″ piece of  of Ribbon, folded it in half,  dabbed some glue on the ends and with my Paper Piercer I poked it into the top of the egg.

Here’s another FLORAL EGG made four years ago. Have fun making these. You can use Red. White and Blue covered Styrofoam balls for July 4th or Basic Black and Pumpkin Pie for Halloween. This makes a great class project as well.

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