Small Business Saturday…

Small Business Saturday

Today is Small Business Saturday. Please support your local small business.

I once had two small shops. One called, "Romancing the Home" and the other "Callahan Sports Cards" and had to close both. While the two shops were very different, they both had a sense of community and many friendships were made. In my Romancing the Home shop, I gave classes in painting, fabric, stamping florals and bead work. Many local ladies and children filled the classes. My Sports Card shop was similar, except I held card tournaments for the local middle  and high schoolers. It gave them a place to hang out which wasn't school and wasn't home. I treated them as if they were my own and to this day when  I see any of them it's with a great fondest I remember them al with.  

So, today if you're out shopping, PLEASE keep your small businesses in mind. I know for a fcat they will appreciate it more then you'll ever know.

Thank you…

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