Q & A: How Long Will Ink Pads Last?

Unknown-18 Q: Some of my Ink Pads are not used as often as others. How long do Ink Pads generally last?


A: While I don’t know how long in exact years an Ink Pad will last, I think Images-3 they’ll probably last your life time. Sometimes Ink Pads need to be bought again, if by accident you go to ink a stamp that already has a different color ink on it and it ruins the pad by getting a different color on it.


The reason Ink Pads can last so long is that you can re-ink them. I’ve had my Stampin’ Up! Ink Pads for about three years and have only had to reink a few. Of course the Ink Pads used more often will have to be re-inked more frequently. You know if an Ink Pad needs to be re-inked if it doesn’t look, what us stampers like to say, “Juicy.”  If you have the  Stmpin’ Up! Ink Spots, because of their size, they will have to be re-inked more often.


To re-ink Ink Pads-place drops from the re-inker along one edge of Images-6 the ink pad. Spread it evenly over the pad with an old credit cards which is sturdy. Repeat if necessary.


To re-ink a dry Stampin’ Up! Marker-put 2-3 drops of in in the brush tip then let the marker sit, fine tip down, in a glass for about 30 minutes.


Bottom lien is Ink Pads will probably last forever but, I make it a habit to purchase re-inkers for all my Ink Pads. There are tons of techniques which can be used with re-inkers. But that’s another post. 


So, take the time out to inventory your Ink Pads and re-inkers and make sure to order all that you don’t have. Nothing is worse then trying to stamp with a dry Ink Pad.


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