Q & A: How Do I Remove Adhesive from Punches?


How Do I Remove Adhesive From My Punches?






Stampin' Up! Punch
Many of us, have placed an adhesive sheet on card stock, punched out a shape, (to create a sticker) only to find our punches have become sticky. I’ve found the best way to remove the, “Sticky-ness” is oil. And, while Orange Oil or Sewing Machine Oil will work, I find Baby Oil works the best

Here’s what to do:Baby Oil to clean punches
1.  Turn punch upside down.
2.  Brush a small amount of oil over the cutting edges.
3.  Punch with nothing inserted to spread the oil over the cutting edges.
4.  Wipe down oil with a baby wipe and punch through scrap card stock until the oil leaves no residue. 
I hope this helps. Keep your questions coming!
Diane Caro, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

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