Q & A: Deep Etching Definition

Q: What does the term “Deep Etching” mean when referring to rubber stamps?


A: While the technical term for rubber stamps is “etching”, it isn’t etching as we know it.
Rubber stamps are really molded. First a plate is made from the art work. This plate is a negative image of the art work. Rubber is then forced into the negative plate by using high temperatures and pressure to make the rubber stamp.


A deeply etched rubber stamp has a deeper profile of the raised area that actually produces the image. These stamps give you good clearance between the parts that will stamp the image design and the base of the stamp. You are much less likely to have problems with ink getting onto the base or low areas of a deeply etched stamp and onto your project where you don’t want ink.


Thanks for the question and I hope this helps you.


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Diane Caro, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


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