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Tidy Friday: Organizing Stamp Sets

Hey, There Lakeside Stampers!


For those of you who come to my house on the lake, you know it is small and while it might be small on space my home is BIG on personality and warmth. It seems as though everyone loves to come here with the relaxed atmosphere, good food, back deck and of course the lake. During the summer after a barbecued dinner we tend to sit and linger listening to the crickets and kady-dids. Now, I know this lifestyle isn’t for everyone but, we adore it and feel very lucky. John and I always say to each other that,  “We feel like we’re on vacation here all the time.”


Having said that, a small house also has it’s challenges. Everything must have a spot to be put away or that calm, warm feeling turns onto chaos.  Having a “put-away” spot for everything is a task easier said then done. I find consistency is vital. Sort of clean as you go, a little everyday. Thank goodness, I am an organized person by nature, so, when it comes to my stamp room that organization comes naturally, except when working on a project, but, that’s another post.


For my first, what I am calling, “Tidy Friday,” I’m going to take you through my stamp room, one Friday at a time. Today, I will share with you how I organize my stamp sets. Even though my space is small I still buy the wood mount stamp sets.  I guess I am a purist at heart.


Here is a picture of the cabinet I use. I love it because it has glass doors and it forces me keep my sets neat and tidy. After all no one wants to look at a mess!

DSC_0708  DSC_0709



















 I  have the sets organized by categories similar to the way Stampin’ Up! organizes them in the Idea Book and Catalog.   On each stamp box I punch a 1/2″ circle with my Stampin’ Up! punch in the color that matches the category it belongs in. Here are the categories and their assigned colors.


I have a shelf designated for each category. Behind each stamp set label I place a white label on the inside. It makes it easier for me to see the name of each set. I’m a visual person so this system works for me.

Nature and Elements Categories.


Occasions Category


On the retired stamp set boxes I add a star I can see the retired sets easily at a glance.


Before I mount my stamp sets, I copy the label sheet on my printer, place it in a clear protective sleeve, add it a binder which has colored separation dividers for the appropriate category. I like using a binder for several reasons. One reason is I can add or remove stamp sets as i acquire or sell them. Another reason is I can keep all my stamp sets within each category alphabetically. Again, this system works for me. These reference books also come in handy when I am designing or looking for a certain sized image or greeting to use.

Green divider for the Nature category.      Nature stamp sets.

DSC_0714 DSC_0715





I hope this gives you incentive to get your stamp sets organized. Of course if you have the clear mounts all you need to do is line them up alphabetically but, you can still set up a reference binder to aid you when you are designing your projects.


Thanks for stopping by and have a terrific weekend!


Stampin’ Hugs!




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