Happy Birthday Mick…

Images-5 Back in 2001, when my father passed away, I took over his baseball card shop at his request. Me running a baseball card shop? What did I know of sports cards? Well, I knew more then I thought.  Growing up in Brooklyn, New York we always attended Yankee games. I know you would think it would be Brooklyn Dodger games, but, it was always Yankee games. Back then you could walk across the baseball field and really feel the enormity of it all. At that time the flag pole seemed to be smack in the middle of center field and for years where the players plaques were, Monument Park, I thought the players were buried. What did I know? I was just little girl and  excited to be with my father spending another day at Yankee Stadium. I still feel that love and excitement every time we go to Yankee Stadium. And as the shop goes, I did run it for close to 7 years with the same love and excitement I had going to those Yankee Games with my dad. I couldn’t let today go by without posting a “Happy Birthday” to Mickey Mantle, who I was lucky enough to meet and see play in many games. 


Mickey Mantle Birthday and Biography 


Born October 20, 1931


Mickey Mantle is considered to be one of the best baseball players of all time. Mantle was born in Oklahoma in 1931. He was an excellent child athlete and played both football and baseball. He joined the New York Yankees in 1951 and played for the Yankees his entire professional career. In 1961 Mantle and team-mate Roger Maris both attempted to break Babe Ruth’s season home-run record. Mantle ended up finishing second to Maris in single season home-runs that season. Mantle accomplished setting several records throughout is career, and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1974. His uniform numer 7 was retired by the Yankees.







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