Meet Calypso Coral…

2011-13 In-Colors

Good Tuesday Stampers!


Today’s featured color is “Calypso Coral.”  Coral has various shades and this 2011-13 Stampin’ Up! In-Color is spot on as a light pinkish-orange. Coral is one of the most popular colors in interior design, because it gives rooms a calm feeling of warmth.  Coral’s complementary color is Teal and is one of the official colors of the Miami Dolphin’s Football Team. Please note my photos look a bit more orange then  the Calypso Coral is in person.

Calypso Coral 1

Calypso Coral 2

I’ll be back tomorrow with another 2011-13 Stampin’ Up! In-Color!

See you then,

Siggy 2

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