January 5: Bird Day


Anyone who knows me, knows I love birds. Today is Bird Day, observed primarily in the United States. Even though it’s Bird Day, it’s not a National Holiday.  For a day to technically be a National holiday, an Act of Congress is required, and there’s no evidence that has ever happened. That being said, it is popularly known as Bird Day, regardless of whatever Congress might think of that.

History of Bird Daygold-finch-1
Back in 1894, Charles Almanzo Babcock, the superintendent of schools in Oil City, Pennsylvania, declared the first holiday in the United States to celebrate birds. Babcock wanted to advance bird conservation as a moral value and it seems that his holiday caught on.  Bird Day marked the end of the annual Christmas Bird Count in the mid-21st century.

How to Celebrate Bird Day
Birds are important. Many of them sing and quite all of themare beautiful to look at. On a serious note, approximately 12 percent of the world’s bird species could face extinction in the next century. That includes nearly a third of the 330 different species of parrots. Things don’t look a lot better for numerous species of songbirds, not to mention some penguin species and others like the kiwi bird. The largest components of these threats of extinction are habitat destruction. You should celebrate the day by learning about all of the wonders of birds and educating your friends, because the survival of the world’s birds hinges on public awareness as well as support for conservation.dashed-blog-divider


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