Q & A: Fixing a Project Layer Not Straight…

  Q & A Button Is there a way of fixing a project layer once glued and not straight?

If using a multi purpose glue such as Tombow you’ll have a bit of a problem moving it, although I have done it by carefully lifting up a corner and usually with my paper piercing tool at a horizontal position I run it between the layer I need to fix and the base it is adhered to.
Now, if you’ve used SNAIL adhesive or Sticky Strip, get out your Heat Tool! Yes, you heard me right, your Heat Tool. Warm up the pieces you want to un-adhere. No need to heat the piece up as much as you would for heat embossing, but just enough for the tape to un-glue. UM, that sounds like an oxymoron! The pieces should come apart easily.
Re-apply your tape and at first just lightly place your layer on the base. Once it’s in place and straight, then press and rub firmly to attach. Stampin’ Up!’s Grid Paper will help tremendously with lining layers up.
Remember these are hand made pieces and they don’t always have to be perfect!
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