Technique Week, Monday: Perfect Bow Method…

Reef Knot Bow Detail

This is the beginning of Technique Week here at the Lakeside Stamper. Everyday this week a different technique will be featured. so, sit back, learn, take notes, print out directions and enjoy the process…

How many of you have trouble making a bow??? I know my class ladies always ask about how to make a bow. Here are written directions for you to print out and follow. You’ll get the perfect bow every time with this method, so go ahead and order all of those beautiful Stampin’ Up! ribbons.
This bow is different then the, “Granny Knot” bow where the knot and the bow are tied in the same direction. The directions for this bow are based on the, “Reef Knot,” where the knot and the bow are tied in the same directions. Because they are tied in the same directions, the bow will sit straight and stay secure, so you don’t have to worry about the bow coming un-done.
  Reef Knot Bow

 Start by tying a simple knot crossing the left side over the right.

Using the ribbon in your right hand, form a loop; hold the base between your thumb and middle finger.
Next, take the length on the left and bring it around the back of the loop in your right hand and around to the front.
Push that piece of ribbon, with your left hand, feeding a loop through the hole.
Grab the “new” loop with your right hand and grab the first loop with your left hand and pull in opposite directions.
You can adjust the bow by pulling on the loops or the tails.
Once you mastered this directions you’ll be able to make perfect bows every time!
EMAIL me any questions you might have for my Q & A column.
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