How to Heat Emboss…

I was recently asked about Heat Embossing and using the Embossing Buddy. When I use the Embossing Buddy I rub it on the paper or card stock in a circular motion. The Embossing Buddy helps keep the Embossing Powder from sticking anywhere except on the ink by removing the static on the card stock.




Heat Embossing



1) Place your card stock in a Powder Pal tray (or over a large piece of scratch paper).

2) Rub the Embossing Buddy across the paper or card stock you want to emboss.

3) Stamp image with Craft Ink or VersaMark (Craft Ink stays wet longer then Classic Ink)

4) Pour powder onto the inked image, making sure that the image is coated completely.

5) Shake off excess powder into the tray and funnel it back into its container.

6) Heat the stamped image with the Heat Tool until the powder changes to a shiny liquid and raises.

7) Allow embossed image to cool.




1) Don’t overheat the powder, as it can scorch the paper.

2) Try embossing using Classic Stampin’ Pads on vellum paper. Dye inks take longer to dry on vellum so embossing powders will adhere to the ink and can be embossed.

3) To add a brighter touch to computer-printed text, sprinkle embossing powder on the card stock as it is coming out of the printer. Be fast! This is quick-drying ink!

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