Happy Haunting: Jack-o-Lantern Halloween Hat

Today’s share is a Jack-o-Lantern Halloween Hat. The Halloween Hat sits on top of a Jack-o-Lantern votive holder. DO NOT USE A REAL CANDLE in this, because the hat is made from paper.  I bought the Jack-o-Lantern votive holder at a local craft store and it cost me $1.00.  I saw it and thought I could make something with that. And I did…


Witches Paper Hat This Halloween Hat was created from a template I made for it. I cut the template from a manila file folder after I adjusted the size. After cutting out the template, I traced in on the Happy Haunting Designer Series Paper.


I cut the hat out, placed some Tear and Tape on the one edge and rolled it into a cone shape. I had a small piece of orange feather boa and I glued that to the bottom edge of the Halloween Hat. The tip of the hat I crinkled and bent to resemble a witch’s hat. To finish off, orange, purple and lime green rhinestones were added and glued to the hat. A Tangerine Twist bow was added to complete the look. This hat easily slip on and off for easy access to add a battery operated votive candle.


Here’s the template for the Jack-o-Lantern Halloween Hat


Jack o Lantern Halloween Hat

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