Freaky Snow Storm…

I don’t know where you are, but here in Northeastern New York, we’re experiencing a, “Freaky Snow Storm!” Here are a few pictures I just took to share with you. How fitting that I’m working on my Holiday Extravaganza Class. It’s strange to see snow on trees that the leaves haven’t even come down yet. If you’re somewhere warm, I’m jealous for sure.

Freaky Snow Stom 10-29-11 1


Outdoor dining anyone???

Freaky Snow Storm 10-29-11 2

One of our many Maple Trees. Leaves haven’t changed color yet!

Freaky Snow Storm 10-29-11 3

Autumn Wonderland…

Freaky Snow Storm 10-29-11 4

Freaky Snow Storm 10-29-11 5

Crazy I tell you.

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