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Today’s post is dedicated to my good friend Janet who LOVES Elvis!  While today’s post has nothing to do with card-making I thought it would be nice from time-to-time to do Today’s Trivia posts.


Do you know what was scandalous about Elvis Presley on the Ed Sullivan Show on September 9, 1956???

Well in the 1950’s, Rock ‘n Roll was considered scandalous music.It was unlike any previous music.  Elvis was considered shocking for his music, and his sensuality but especially because many people thought his hip movements were obscene and overly sexual.  Not all thought so. Teenage girls became hysterical over his blatantly sexual gyrations, particularly the one that got him nicknamed “Elvis the Pelvis” Ed Sullivan had him on his show but the TV cameras were not permitted to film below his waist. Elvis’ pelvic gyrations during his appearances on earlier TV shows such as Stage Show, Milton Berle and The Steve Allen Show had caused much discussion and concern about the suitability of airing such provocative and sensual movements on television.

After negotiating with Elvis’ manager, Ed Sullivan paid Elvis the huge sum of $50,000 for appearing on three of his shows: September 9, 1956, October 28, 1956, and then on January 6, 1957. For Elvis’ first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show on Sunday night at 8 p.m. on September 9, 1956, Ed Sullivan himself was not able to host since he had recently been in a very serious car accident that left him in the hospital. In his place, Oscar-winning actor Charles Laughton hosted the show. Elvis was also not on location in New York for the show since he was in Los Angeles for the filming of Love Me Tender

Elvis appeared on a stage with large, artistic guitars as decoration. Wearing a plaid jacket and holding his guitar, Elvis thanked Mr. Laughton and then said, “This is probably the greatest honor that I’ve ever had in my life.” Elvis then sang, “Don’t Be Cruel” followed by “Love Me Tender,” which was the not-yet-released title track from his new movie.

Although the cameras stayed mostly from the waist up on Elvis’ first appearance on the show, the second time he appeared that night, the camera widened out and the TV audience was able to see Elvis’ gyrations. During this second set, Elvis sang “Ready Teddy” and then ended with a portion of “Hound Dog.”

Elvis’ appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show was a major success. Over 60 million people, both young and old, watched the show and many people believe it helped bridge the generation gap for Elvis’ acceptance into the mainstream.

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