As We Gather Together…

It’s with a sincere and grateful heart I write this post.


When I first started my Stampin’ Up! business and the Lakeside Stamper blog, I had no idea the friendships and connections that would enter my life. All of you, my followers, have given me more then you know. I have a greater appreciation of the simple joys of stamping, paper-crafting and more importantly the ability to share all of this with all of you. Many of you I’ve never met and yet there’s a strong connection and bond of friendship, because of what we love to do. For you I’m truly grateful.


So, as we share the days we are given, creating our pieces of art for ourselves and others, I will think of all of you and your friendships. Keep your comments and feed back coming it’s part of what keeps me going.  -Diane  


Happy Thanksgiving


“Lions and Tigers and Turkeys, Oh My”…

This backyard visitor is giving my Thanksgiving meal a new meaning-like maybe we’ll do lasagna or something else for Thanksgiving. He visits everyday and has been seen eating at the bottom of our bird feeders and eating all of the fallen acorns. He’s quite timid and comical as he runs away across our very big back lawn like a roadrunner. I keep telling my husband John, “He’s such a little chicken” referring to his personality.  And, John quickly replies, “No he isn’t Diane, he’s a turkey!”





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