Baby Shower Turtle Invitation

Turtle Header

This is the turtle baby shower invitation I designed for my niece Laura way back last summer, but forgot to post it! (Silly me) Laura’s mother Lisa and I hand cut each and every one of these turtle invitations. I believe there were 50 in all. We hand cut every hexagon shape as well from Designer Series Paper! After all of that, I’m happy to report Laura had a beautiful baby boy named Remy back in November.

Turtle Card WatermarkedI designed this turtle invitation with Laura in mind because she LOVES turtles! The card pattern is made up of six pieces consisting of a head, body, two feet a turtle shell and the turtle shell trim. The turtle shell trim isn’t in photo.

TURTLE TEMPLATEThe card base was made from the ‘TURTLE BODY” part. It was scored so the card opened up from the bottom. All the turtle parts were traced onto different shades of green card stock and then they were cut out. Using Multi-Purpose Tombow Glue, this is how the head and feet were adhered.

Turtle-Legs and HeadOriginally, I wanted a movable head and feet. That was in a perfect world! It just didn’t work out, because of the different layers. Oh, well I’ll have to save that idea for another time. Once the head and feet were attached, they were covered on the inside with the baby shower information., which was cut in the same shape as the card base. All were trimmed neat and tidy!

Turtle-Cut Detail



To decorate the turtle shell I ran Designer Series Paper through The BIG Shot with the Hexagon Embossing Folder. Then each and every hexagon shape was hand cut by me and Lisa. We used the embossed lines as a guide where to cut. This was truly a labor (ha, no pun intended) of love.



Here is the turtle almost complete. The shell is decorated with the hand-cut hexagons.

Turtle-Almost Finished

Turtle-Paper Piercing Edge of Shell


The next thing we did was to add the shell trim and paper pierced it for a little extra detail. Pearls were added to every other hole.





Tyrtle Head Detail



The neck of the turtle was embellished with Baker’s Twine  to look like a bow tie, another of Laura’s favorites! A smile was inked in with a black marker, pink pastel was rubbed on for cheeks and googly eyes were applied for a little added character.


Now if you would like this pattern, I don’t have a PDF of it, but will gladly mail it to you. Just E-Mail me your mailing address and I promise to mail one to you.




And, here is Remy at 5-1/2 months old!


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Diane Caro, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


With All My Heart: Nested Hearts

Welcome to the fifth and final “With All My Heart” project.


These are paper hearts made simply from paper strips. I photographed them on a counter, because I couldn’t capture how pretty they really are with a straight on photo. So. let’s get started on how to make these beauties!

Nested Hearts 1


To Make these Hearts, here’s what you need to do:


Heart Strips


1. Cut two of the following sizes for each heart: 1″ x 4″, 1″ x 6″ and 1″ x 8″


2. Now, listen carefully… you need to stack the strips as follows: one 1″ x 4″, 1″ x 6″, 1″ x 8″, 1″ x 8″, 1″ x 6″  and 1″ x 4″



3. After you have the strips stacked the way you want,

staple them together along the bottom edge.

Strip Stack

4. Once stapled, pull three strips and curve them together toward the bottom.

Line them up and staple. Do the same to the other side.

You can wait to staple the both sides together.

Once all the strips are in place you should have three nested hearts!

It’s that simple.

Pulling Strips Together

To make a garland make as many nested hearts you want, dab glue in the top crevice and stack another heart in the crevice. this project used three hearts.

Affix a piece of ribbon as a hanger on the top heart.


Here’s a photo of one nested heart:

Single Nested Heart

Thanks for spending the week with me.

Come back next week for more Lakeside Stamper exclusives.



 Diane Caro, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator



With All My Heart: Heart of Hearts Wallhanging

Heart of Hearts Header

Once again, Welcome!


This third, “With All My Heart” project I’m calling Heart of Hearts and as you read on you’ll see why. This was such a fun project to make from strips of Designer Series Paper.  The technique is such a simple one.  I’m always amazed at what you can make with paper and glue.
Heart of Hearts text


How to make this Heart of Hearts:

1.    Cut 30  1″ x 4″ strips of designer series paper of your choice.


2.   Fold each strip in half, so you have two side pieces of 2″

Making the Hearts

 3. Bring the sides down to the bottom and staple them together to form a heart.

Heart of Hearts Detail

4. Make 30 hearts. 14 for each side and one for the top and bottom. You may have to make more or less depending on how closely you stack them.

Heart Of Hearts 2

5. When you have all your hearts, place a dab of glue in the top crevice of one heart. Take another heart and place it in the top crevice, hold slightly, so the glue adheres the newly added heart. Continue in this manner until you have two equal sides.

Heart Of Hearts with Text

6. As you glue your hearts together you can curve the bottoms as you go up and around.  It helps to draw a heart or download one, to use as a guide for placement and heart shape. Here’s a detail of the bottom of the heart where that one middle bottom heart goes. See next photo for top middle heart that will hold the two sides together.

Heart of Hearts Corner

7.  Once the heart is completed, glue it to an 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheet of

Whisper White Card Stock. With a pencil, lightly scallop around the heart.

With scissors cut around each outer scallop, making sure you stay on the penciled lines.

If any pencil shows simply erase the lines.

Top detail

8. In each scallop punch a hole with a 1/4″ Circle Punch.


9. Find your prettiest wide ribbon, string it through two side holes at the top of the heart and tie a pretty bow for a hanger.


And, now you know why I called this project, “Heart of Hearts!

Check back tomorrow for another card tutorial and

on Friday for a similar paper heart project!


Diane Caro, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


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