Mixed Media: Beautiful Butterfly

Once again I’m excited to share this post with you. This is a Mixed Media piece we did at my “Mixed Media Workshop.” The workshop took place in July, but I’m just now getting around to post it. Most everything used for this canvas can be Stampin’ Up! I had detailed photos, but my Grandson got hold of my camera and reformatted all the pictures I had. When I went to up-load them they couldn’t be read by my computer. He’s a genius! haha  I know this is a very loooooong blog post, but there’s a lot of information here for you.

Butterfly Mixed Media Canvas

These mixed media pieces are a lot of fun to make, because ANYTHING GOES! There’s no right or wrong way of creating them. There are a few things to keep in mind and please note these are general guidelines.  Your piece even following these instructions will look completely different. And, that’s the way it should be. After all it’s your work of art and it should reflect you.


The first thing to remember in creating this mixed media canvas piece is to use a variety of inks, paints, rub-ons, stamps and textures. After all that’s what mixed media is. You want lots of layers. There are a few things to keep in mind and please note these are general guidelines. Another thing to remember is to either use Acrylic Spray or Mod Podge between each layer.


Items you’ll need: Stamps:  Swallowtail, Papillon Potpourri, Ink Refills, StazOn or Momento Ink Pads, Designer Series Paper, Spritzers,  Sponges, 1″ Paint Brush, Gesso, Acrylic Spray or Mod Podge, Stencils or Masks, Computer Generated Art, Decorative Tissues, Ribbon, Rub-Ons and any other Embellishments you that work with your idea


This Beautiful Butterfly canvas was created in the following way:


1.  Buy a Pre-Stretched Canvas from your local craft store. They frequent;y run sales on 5 to 10 in a pack.  Believe me you’ll want a pack, because you’ll want to make more then just one.  That’s only my opinion though.



2.   Once you have your canvas You’ll want to brush or sponge on Gesso* or White Acrylic Paint. Either material works well to prepare the canvas. Think of these as a primer that will enable you to use less of all your pretty colors. Let the gesso or paint dry completely.


*Gesso is a white paint mixture consisting of a binder mixed with chalk, gypsum, pigment or any combination of these. It is used in artwork as a preparation on any number of surfaces as a base for paint or other materials that are applied over it.


3. Once the Gesso  has dried, give your canvas a light coat of Acrylic Spray. The Acrylic Spray will hold the Gesso in place so it doesn’t pull up when you do your other layers over it.


4.   Once the Acrylic Spray has dried the fun really begins. The choice is yours for this layer. You can use any ink refill of choice in a spritzer and just spritz  on this layer.  You need to be careful that you don’t make gray, by mixing too many colors. I try to go with two or three colors and a white to really pop certain areas. Let the colors dry and if you want more intensity, spritz again.


5.   When the last layer is dry, spray another coat of Acrylic Spray over the whole canvas. This will protect this water based layer from pulling up when you work on top layers.



6.   Next, take some stencils such as the Stampin’ Up!’s Dots & Stripes or the Hearts & Stars Masks or what I love to use is Punchinella.  Punchinella is fun plastic ribbon that is left over after sequins are punched out, often called “sequin waste” or “sequin scrim.”  I love to use it as a stencil for creating backgrounds.



7.   You can layer on textured fabric, lace ribbon such as Stampin’ Up!’s Venetian Crochet Trim.  Mod Podge® can be used on this layer. Mod Podge®, is an all-in-one glue, sealer and finish! Apply the Mod Podge® with a soft brush or sponge.


8.  When most of your underlying layers are done move on to the saying or words and the butterfly images. For the saying simply computer generate one of your favorites and print it out on your home computer.  Cut it close to the type and adhere it with the Mod Podge®


9.   The large butterfly image is the Stampin’ Up! Swallowtail Stamp.  Stamp out the butterfly on some white tissue paper in StazOn Ink if you’re using colored pencils. I used StazOn and colored pencils on this piece.  Stamp out smaller butterflies on the tissue paper as well. Once colored, roughly cut ou the images. You don’t need to be exact with the cutting, because the edges of the tissue paper will blend into the canvas when you Mod Podge® them down.  You can also use magazine pictures.  If you want to use the Blenabilities Markers stamp the butterfly in Momento Ink. Here’s the difference in ink types and when to use them:


Memento Ink Pad (132708):_____________________________________________________

The Memento Ink Pad is a dye based ink pad which dries quickly and is perfect for all kinds of paper. The reason Memento Ink dries quickly, like all of Stampin’ Up! classic ink pads, is the ink literally dyes the paper or cardstock. The color gets soaked into the fibers of the paper. The Memento Ink Pad is water based which means it is not waterproof, so you can’t color images with water-colors or other water-based mediums, because the ink will run together. However, since the new Stampin’ Up! Blendabilities are alcohol based it is safe to use Momento Ink with these, because the two different ink types won’t bleed together. Since Memento Ink is water-based clean up can be done using Stampin’ Mist (102394).


Staz-On Ink Pad (101406):_______________________________________________________

Staz-On is a solvent based ink and once dried Staz-On is permanent on almost any surface, including plastic, glass, ceramic, metal, wood and card-stock. Since Staz-On, unlike Memento Ink, does not get soaked up by paper fibers, rather it dries on the surface. Staz-On is a permanent ink; use it to stamp images to watercolor, because the watercolor won’t make the Staz-On bleed. Use the Staz-On with Stampin’ Up! Markers (131264). Clean your stamps with Staz-On Cleaner (109196)


10.   Step back and look your canvas over.  It’s not too late to add more color, rub-ons or images if needed.


11.   Give everything one last good coat of Acrylic Spray or Mod Podge®


Here are some of the Mixed Media pieces the class made.




For another step by step tutorial with photos of my avian canvas, go to My Avian Mixed Media Project 


Thanks for reading to the end. I hope you learned something new. Now it’s your turn. Sit down and see what you can come up with. If you live in the Westchester, Putnam County, New York areas I’ll be offering more classes in Mixed Media. To find out where and when sign up for my newsletter on the sidebar of this blog.


As always hugs,

Diane Caro, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator



Lakeside Stamper Presents: A Mixed Media Workshop

Butterfly Mixed Media Canvas
When: Sunday, July 20, 2014 from 1:00pm-5:00pm
Where: 17 Interlochen Road   Carmel, NY 10512


Learn how to create a unique mixed media canvas. We will explore how to create backgrounds, textures and layering styles on canvas. Come and play with paints, stencils, watercolors, paper, fabric and rubber stamps. Walk away from this workshop feeling confident in creating your own canvas piece as well as having learned new art techniques you can use in other mixed media projects.


Workshop Fee: $35.00 for a four hour session


Workshop fee covers class materials, including a 6″ x 12″ or 8″ x 10″ canvas plus the use of all paints, sponges, stencils and rubber stamps. Everything you need will be available to complete your mixed media canvas. You will need to bring sharp paper scissors and colored pencils.


So, come and learn the basics. Learn all about the layering. Come and make it yours!

Another confirmation email will be sent to you once you RSVP. Please register by Wednesday, July 16, 2014 to


 If you live afar, and would like a Mixed Media Kit to make this at home, email me and I’ll get one out in the mail to you for $30.00 plus shipping. A full tutorial will be posted next week on my blog and I’m always available for questions. Note:You will need the Stampin’ Up!  Swallow Tail Stamp (131943)  for the large butterfly image. 


If you live locally, treat yourself to this workshop. You won’t be disappointed. 


Can’t wait to see you there!

Diane Caro, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


Mixed Media: Fabric Owl Canvas

Hi, Friends!

Today I’d like to share with you a Fabric Owl Canvas Project I created. I purchased four of these small 6″ x 6″ canvas’ on sale at my local craft store. I decided to use the canvas’ for a series of owl mix media pieces. Look to the future for three more in the series. 

Stampin' Up! Fabric Project, Canvas Owl

Stampin' Up! Ink Pads: Canvas

I started this Owl Canvas by applying different ink colors to the canvas. I used my ink refills and Stampin Up! Ink Pads along with  Sponge Daubers. I love to just dab freely and from the look of my work space, I love making a mess!


I made a smaller pattern from my owl pillow to trace for this canvas owl. I placed Double sided Adhesive Sheets on the back of Stampin’ Up! Fabric, traced the pattern on to it, cut it out, peeled back the adhesive paper backing and burnished the Fabric Owl down on to the canvas with my Bone Folder.  Once the owl was adhered to the canvas I added his eyes with some Stampin’ Up! retired Felt Flowers and two layers of buttons. Adorable!

Stampin' Up! Fabric Project, Fabric Owl

To achieve a mixed media look, you simply build up different layers of Ink, Rub-On’s, Fabric, Buttons and even Stamped Images! there’s no wrong with this project. You just have to keep in mind that images don’t compete and there is a nice balance between all of your elements, including color and line weight. Here are some close- up’s of the canvas.

Stampin' Up! Fabric, Mixed Media Canvas Owl

Stampin' Up! Fabric, Mixed Media Canvas Owl










When you’re happy with your design, give the canvas a quick spray with a sealer or brush on some decoupage medium.  Make sure to check out Stampin’ Up! Fabrics Here


I hope you’ve been inspired!


Many of my Stampin’ Up! supplies got more ruined then I first expected from the fire. I’m going to try, in the next week or so to get back to creating more projects to post on my blog. It’s very difficult since I have no real workspace or focus, but I’m going to try. I owe all of you at least that. I miss blogging, holding workshops and seeing all of you. Again, THANK YOU for all your emails. 



Diane Caro, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


If you want a shiny, glossy finish to your canvas, simply use some Crystal Effects. To achieve this, spread an even coat of, Crystal Effects over the canvas. With a brush or sponge brush spread the Crystal Effects all over your masterpiece. Take care to brush out any air bubbles. You can use more then one layer of Crystal Effects, just make sure each layer dries before applying another coat,


Stamping on Canvas: Mixed Media Part 2

Today’s feature is Stamping on Canvas: Mixed Media Part 2

Mixed Media Avian Toile


Stamped Avian Toile on Canvas
Here’s a picture of some stamped images and rub ons. The Avian Toile Block Stamp (retired) still didn’t print up enough, even with the wood block underneath the canvas. Normally for these mixed media pieces, I don’t mind partial images, but this was really the feature and the bird hardly stood out.

Stamped Avian Toile on Tissue Paper

So, what I decided to do is to stamp the Avian Toile Stamp on white tissue paper with Stazon Black Ink and it worked like a charm. I used a decoupaged medium to adhere the stamped tissue image to the canvas. You can also use watered down white glue such as Tombow Multi Purpose.

Stamped & Colored Avain Toille Detail
This photo shows a detailed image of the bird. I used various Ink Refills as watercolors. Once the inks dried, I then added Gold Smooch to highlight the bird

Stencil on Canvas

I then took one of my Stampin’ Up! Decor Stencils and dabbed on some Regal Rose Ink.

Stencil Detail on Canvas

Here’s a detailed view of the stencil.

Rub-Ons on Canvas
Then, I added Stampin’ Up! Rub-Ons for some extra layers. Don worry if only partial images rub off, it adds to the dimension and blending effect if some are ragged edged.

White Rub Ons Detail
More rub-ons.

The whole purpose of this canvas piece is to use a variety of inks, paints, rub-ons, stamps and textures. You want lots of layers. You need to be careful that you don’t make gray, by mixing too many colors. I try to go with two or three colors and a white to really pop certain areas. Sit down over the weekend and see what you can come up with. If you live in the Westchester, Putnam County, New York areas I’ll be offering classes in this technique. Look for class details in my newsletter.

Send Me what you’ve created. I would love to see it!



Stamping on Canvas: Mixed Media Part 1

Hello to all of you!

I’m so excited to share this project with you. I took a class in mixed media and have wanted to do a canvas of this kind for a long time. Everything I used is Stampin’ Up! except for some acrylic paints and textured fabric to use as a stencil. Oh and of course the canvas I used isn’t Stampin’ Up! I’m experimenting with this mixed media technique on water-color paper as well.

Mixed Media Avian Toile

Here’s a step by step tutorial with accompanying photos Today’s feature is Mixed Media Part 1. Tune in on Thursday for Stamping on Canvas: Mixed Media Part 2

Mixed Media Supplies

To start this project you’ll need to a canvas, mine is 6″ x 12″, acrylic paints, Stampin’ Up! Ink Refills and brushes. First you need to give the canvas a good coat of white paint.

Piece of Textured Fabric

Once the white paint is dry, take any textured fabric, ribbon, bubble wrap, burlap or any other material with texture. I chose  Punchinella, a scrap piece I had. Punchinella is what’s left over after they punch out sequins. I used the Punchinella as a stencil. I laid it on the canvas and with acrylic paint I painted right over the surface of the Punchinella. You can also use your Stampin’ Up! Ink Refills for this by squirting some drops onto a palette, dipping a brush into the puddle of ink and painting with it.

Acrylic Paint Results over Textured Fabric

Here is the acrylic paint result after painting right over the Punchinella.

Daffodil Delight Ink from Refill

Along the bottom of the canvas, I used some Daffodil Delight Ink. I didn’t paint it on. I stood my brush perpendicular to the canvas and dabbed the Daffodil Delight along the bottom of the canvas, for a more random look.

Wood Support for Back of Canvas

Since the canvas is stretched over a wooden frame, there’s little support in the middle of the canvas. While the support is good enough for brush strokes, I soon found out there wasn’t enough support to stamp on. I asked my husband if he could cut me a wood block support to place underneath to stamp on and support the canvas. It fits perfectly in between the canvas frame.

Inking up Block Stamp with a Marker
. I then proceeded to ink up the Filigree Block Stamp with a Concord Crush Marker.  Make sure to huff on the stamp before stamping. The moisture from your mouth helps keep the ink wet.

Stamped Image on Canvas

I stamped it up in the right hand upper corner.

For Stamping on Canvas: Mixed Media Part 2, visit again on Thursday.

Thanks for stopping by.

Stampin’ Hugs,


Textile Guild Tuesday…


Hello, Stampers, Paper Artists and today, Textile Guild Members as well!


Anyone who knows me, knows how much I LOVE being a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator. I’m always looking to take my craft to new heights and try to share what I love with as many people as possible. When I was invited by the Westchester Weavers & Textile Guild, to do a class, I was thrilled.


This project was a bit challenging for me, because I wanted to give the guild members lots of media to play around with. These are very, very talented artists who have be doing their craft for many years, so while I was excited, it was a little intimidating as well. This is the project I came up with using all of Stampin’ Up! products, except for the beads and frame.  It resembles a card I previously made with the ribbon ruching, only this one is mounted on a fabric covered wooden frame and has many more elements and embellishments. Believe it or not the class DID NOT know how to ruch ribbon, so I was happy to teach the technique to them

Nature Walk-Textile Class 4:12:11


To make this project you need to buy a wooden frame and you all know where those can be bought for about $1.00. The size of the frame will dictate the size of your card base. I got a 5-3/4″ x 7-3/4″ frame and cut:


Early Espresso to  6-1/2″ x 4-1/2″,


Baja Breeze to  6″ x 4″,


Very Vanilla to 5-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ and


Crumb Cake to 5-1/3″ x 3-1/4″ Run this through the Paper Crimper

Bird Detail-Textile Class 4:12:11


On another piece of Very Vanilla create a collage by stamping the images from the Nature Walk Stamp Set in Early Espresso, Baja Breeze and Crumb Cake Ink. When you finish stamping, carefully tear the edge, color in the bird image with Watercolor Pencils and distress the edges using tea stain from the Distressing Kit.

Detail Ribbon Ruching




On another piece of Very Vanilla stamp a meaningful word in Baja Breeze Ink and punch each letter out with the Jewelry Tag Punch. Distress the edges of the tags with the tea stain.

Take a piece of Baja Breeze Seam Binding and ruch it. Directions on how to ruch ribbon are HERE. 


I sewed brown seed beads on the ribbon. On the bottom of the ruched ribbon, I placed an antique safety pin from the Vintage Trinkets Collection from Stampin’ Up! I placed the Jewelry Tags on the pin after piercing them each with a hole. I used an Antique Brad to secure the ribbon to the card.


I layered all the pieces as shown and added embellishments such as Vintage Brads. more brown seed beads and a Punched Photo Corner.


I cut a 9″ x 7″ piece of  Deck the Halls Designer Fabric and glued it on the wooden frame with Tombow Glue. When the fabric dried I mounted the layered card on the frame again using my Tombow Glue. Even though I used Deck the Halls Fabric it doesn’t resemble the holidays season at all. That’s how versatile it is.


Try creating a few of these. They would make great gifts.


I look forward to sharing my passion with all of the guild members in the fall, when once again, I will design a project and program especially for the guild ladies.


Here are a few pictures from the class. I would have  taken more, but sadly my battery went dead!

Textile Class 4:12:11

Textile Class 3 4:12:11 Textile Class 2 4:12:11


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