Giddy-Up! : Jack’s Cowboy Birthday Card

Jack's Cowboy HeaderThis is a short share today on the Cowboy card I made for my Grandson Jackson’s 3rd Birthday. I know the first thing you’re thinking, “That’s not a Stampin’ Up stamp!” I know, but sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do and Jack loves horses and wanted a Cowboy party. Hence this Cowboy card.

Jack's Cowboy Card 3

  • This card was layered with Soft Suede (how fitting), Whisper White and Real Red card stocks.
  • I stamped the Cowboy image in StazOn Black Ink and hand-colored in the stamped image with watercolor pencils.
  • Then the bottom of the Cowboy was masked out.  See “How To”: Mask HERE
  • Once the Cowboy was masked, I stamped around his feet to resemble tumbleweed and dry grass.
  • The edges of the card were distressed suing Soft Suede Ink.
  • A number “3” was cut on the BIG Shot in Real Red.
  • I knotted and glued a piece of jute and made it look like a lasso.



Just for Fun Here are Some Cowboy Slangs:

BAND WAGON – peddler’s wagon.

BUCKAROO Cowboy, usually from the desert country of Oregon, Nevada, California, or Idaho

CALAMITY JANE – the hard-cussing, heavy-drinking frontier woman, and is also a gambling term for the Queen of Spades

CHEW GRAVEL- thrown from a horse.

CHUCK WAGON A horse drawn wagon that acts as a mobile kitchen.

CHUCK-LINE RIDER  – unemployed Cowboy who rode from ranch to ranch, exchanging a bit of news and gossip for a meal; grub-line rider.

COWBOY is an animal herder who tends cattle on ranches in North America, traditionally on horseback, and often performs a multitude of other ranch-related tasks. Vaquero – Cowboy in Spanish



DILLY-DALLY – To delay.

FIDDLE- a horse’s head.

FLAP JACK – A fried cake, pancake, fritter.

FLEA BITTEN-horse that has completely changed its base coat to either pure white or “flea-bitten” gray; also connotes an old horse (by the way horses do not get fleas).

GIDDY-UP– Go, Move. A term used to get the horse to start moving.

GREENHORN – an Easterner innocent of Cowboy ways; tenderfoot.

HIT PAY DIRT – Mining term. To find something of value.

LASSO-also referred to as a lariat, is a loop of Rope designed as a restraint to be thrown around a target and tightened when pulled. It is a well-known tool of the American Cowboy. The sliding loop knot in a lasso or lariat is called a Hondo.


SHINDIG/HOEDOWN – A dance, party, celebration.

STAMPEDE STRAP- a strap on a Cowboy hat that keeps it from flying off in a gallop or strong wind.

TUMBLEWEED-The plant of dry regions that breaks off near the ground in late summer and is tumbled about by the wind.

Other slangs: “Hold your horses”, “Hoity Toity”,  “Can’t hold a candle to..”




and thanks for stopping by.



How To: Make a Paper Strawberry

Strawberry Header


This project is so addictive. Not only is it easy, but with all the great designer series paper choices the sky’s the limit with color combinations. I chose a retired Stampin” Up! Designer Series Paper for this great papecraft project. When I was making these, I couldn’t help , but remember one of my daughter’s all time favorite book, “The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and the BIG Hungry Bear.” If you haven’t read it, give it a try. I’m a fanatic about children’s books!



Strawberry Final

Here’s how to make a paper strawberry:


1. Make a template similar to one in the photo. Start with a seven petal daisy flower, about 4-1/2″ in diameter with petals not too deep. Cut off two petals. Be sure to add a tab where the tab is shown before cutting off second petal. Then make a leaf topper. Draw the templates onto scrap cardboard and cut them out.

Strawberry Template

Strawberry Cutout

2. Trace the cardboard templates on Designer Series Paper of choice. Use a red and or a bright pink, such as Real Red or Strawberry Slush DSP for the strawberry and a green DSP for the leaf topper. Cut out the strawberry parts.


3. Score on the dotted lines, between each petal to the center point.  And, punch a hole in the middle of each petal and in the middle of the leaf topper. See above photo.



4. Glue or add Sticky Strip along the tab and secure to the inside of the opposite petal to form a cone shape.


5. Weave, about a 10″ piece of ribbon or Baker’s Twine through the holes.


6. Gather up the petals and thread both tails of ribbon or twine up through the leaf topper. Tie a knot close to leaf topper and then another knot or bow for a hanger.


FYI Button

If you start with a bigger daisy, you can actually use these as small favor or gift boxes and fill them with candy or little trinkets. These strawberries are a good use for all your scraps of Designer Series Paper. They don’t have to be made from Real Red or Strawberry Slush only. Any color strawberry will look good and can be matched to any festivities you might be planning. Just think of the possibilities!



Check back often and leave me a comment on what you’d like me to blog about.


Thanks for stopping by,


Diane Caro, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


With All My Heart Week: Valentine’s Day Pinwheels

Valentine's Day Pinwheels Header

Valentine's Day Pinwheel 3


We’re almost at the end of With All My Heart Project week!  Tempus Fugit for sure. Here’s one of the Valentine’s Day Pinwheels I made with Jack to hand out to his “Tom Thumb” friends at school. While the pinwheel is a very simple project to make and is perfect for a kids activity.  For us adults the pinwheel is reminiscent of childhood.


The pinwheel is an icon for childhood innocence and happy memories. Many people fondly describe their childhood interactions with pinwheels at the circus, a carnival, birthday parties, summertime fun or in a garden. And, when I think of my childhood interactions with pinwheels, it makes me smile and words like whimsical and carefree  come to mind. I can remember running with the pinwheel in my hand and feeling so playful and happy. I remember the dazzling colors and sometimes the pinwheels had shiny metallic blades. Pinwheels to me are beautiful, and both strong and fragile at the same time! What a fun and easy way to celebrate Valentine’s Day especially with all the designer papers and colorful stripped straws available today!


These paper pinwheels are formed from a square of paper. They are so simple to make and the size can be adjusted to make large and small pinwheels by varying the size of the squares.

Valentine Pinwheel TemplateFancy Valentine Pinwheel Template



Here’s what to do:

Valentine's Day Pinwheel 1

Cut a square of Designer Series Paper or Card Stock any size.  I used non-Stampin’ Up! paper, because I needed many of these. The template is for a 6″ square. Print and use the template as a guide.

  1. Cut along the lines and punch holes, as indicated on the template
  2. Gently bend the corners with the punched holes to the center of the square lining up all of the holes.
  3. For small children fasten the center with a brad and a twist of wire.
  4. Attach the wire and pinwheel to a straw or stick and enjoy!


FYI ButtonAnother method for attaching the pinwheel to a straw or stick, is to push a pushpin through the corners and center. Then take about a 1″ circle make from card stock and place that on the back of the pinwheel. Push the pushpin through the circle then through a craft cork found at craft stores. A wine bottle cork would work as well. Take a wooden skewer and push that into the cork from the bottom.


To attach a Valentine’s Day Greeting:

Valentine's Day Pinwheel


For Jack’s Valentine’s Day Greeting, the Stampin’ Up! Hey, Valentine Stamp Set was used. I stamped the pirate image in Momento Black Ink and colored it in with Blendabilities. Once they were all stamped and colored I ran the images through the BIG Shot with the appropriate heart size from the Hearts Collection Framelits.  I used the next size up for the Real Red background heart and adhered the two hearts together. On the top and bottom I punched a 1/4″ circle and poked the straw through.


Valentine's Day Pinwheel 2


So, remember pinwheels aren’t only for gardens. They make great party favors, table decorations, card toppers and if you’re using plain card stock, they’re perfect for stamping too!


Pinwheel Hugs,


Diane Caro, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


Watermelon Fan


As i write this I’m down Sunset Beach. North Carolina. A place near and dear to my heart. And, speaking of North Carolina we had watermelon last night here that was scrumptious!


I don’t know about you, but we all LOVE watermelon in this household. While, I have come across people who don’t like watermelon, they are far and few in between. Well, to celebrate summer and it’s glorious watermelon, three days this week I’ll feature a different watermelon project. After all it’s been said, “When one has tasted it (watermelon), he knows what the angels eat!” -Mark Twain


Here is a Watermelon Fan I made awhile ago, but thought it fitting to share during my, “Week of Watermelons.”

Watermelon Fan

Melon Mambo-how fitting! (126948)
Wild Wasabi (126959)

Melon Mambo Card Stock (115320)
Pistachio Pudding Card Stock (131294)
Wild Wasabi Card Stock (108641)
Basic Black Card Stock (121045)

Circles Collection (130911)
Scallop Circle Punch (119854)
Bird Bundle Punch (117191)
Snail Adhesive (104332)
Tombow Multi-Purpose Glue (110755)
Paint Stirrer


With the Circle Collection, cut a the largest circle out of Melon Mambo, the next circle down in Pistachio Pudding and the next smallest out of Wild Wasabi. Cut each circle in half. With the Scallop Circle Punch, punch each half circle along the straight edge to look like someone took a bite out of the watermelon. Line each half circle up as you go along because the punch will only punch one sheet of card stock at a time. With the the Bird Bundle Punch punch the leaves and bird out of Basic Black. Cut the leaves off of the branch and use these for the watermelon seeds. Assemble as shown adhering the watermelon shape about a third down of a cut paint stirrer. These are great to make with children.


Below is a poem I found and just thought it would be something you’d enjoy reading. The website I found it on is Giggle Poetry.




By Eric Ode

In mid-Summer, my friends and I were drinking lemonade
and eating watermelon in the comfort of the shade.


We spat the seeds among the weeds. We spat them east and west.
I spat one in a pine tree, where it landed in a nest.


And there it lay till late in May, when it sprouted as a vine,
and soon there grew a melon in the branches of the pine.


A mother bird without a word then settled in the tree
and nested on that melon for a week or maybe three.


A day ago, I stood below and heard an awful scratching:
the picking and the pecking of that watermelon hatching.


Then very soon that afternoon, a feathered head broke free,
and now a giant baby bird is sitting in our tree.


He’s green and red from tail to head. His eyes are small and gray.
He likely weighs a hundred pounds and will not go away.


So be on guard in your backyard when in the shade you sit.
Enjoy the watermelon, but be careful where you spit.


Make sure before the summer fades away you get your share of this most delicious summertime melon!



Diane Caro, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator








And, be sure you have all that you’ll need to make these Watermelon Fans, here;s the product list. Just click on the images to order.


Candy Crush Saga: Tiffi Card

Tifi's HeaderCandy Crush you say? Diane’s gone crazy! Well, to be perfectly honest with you, I have completed all 522 levels and quite frankly I’m in withdrawal mode! Now, I didn’t complete this game in record time. In fact I only played five games each day, I don’t have much that much free time. But it was relaxing to me to strategize. This is the only game I ever played and in fact if you know of another good game to feed my addiction I would appreciate any recommendations.


For a long time Candy Crush’s main character has been my companion. Her name is Tiffi (short for Toffette)  She is a blonde girl with pigtails and is introduced in the first episode: Candy Town. She walks the player through the tutorial and introduces the Jelly Levels. She also travels around the game map and helps others with their problems. So this one’s for you Tiffi and all you closet playing Candy Crush Fanatics~ You know who you are…

Tifi's Card Watermarked

As with many of my paper-crafting projects, I sketched Tiffi and then made a pattern for all of her parts. She was quite easy to draw and didn’t have to be perfect. Once I had all the cardboard parts I traced them on scraps of Designer Series Paper I had.

Then I glued her all up and placed her on a piece of Coastal Cabana Card Stock.

Tifi's Parts

I added embellishments and then she was ready for her next episode of Candy Crush!

You could say she’s all dolled up!

Tifi Detail Watermarked

Why don’t you or your children try a card or two with a favorite character of your own? These are great fun to make and you can get the whole family involved. The sky’s the limit!


Thanks for stopping by and remember to be the difference!



Diane Caro, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


Baby Shower Turtle Invitation

Turtle Header

This is the turtle baby shower invitation I designed for my niece Laura way back last summer, but forgot to post it! (Silly me) Laura’s mother Lisa and I hand cut each and every one of these turtle invitations. I believe there were 50 in all. We hand cut every hexagon shape as well from Designer Series Paper! After all of that, I’m happy to report Laura had a beautiful baby boy named Remy back in November.

Turtle Card WatermarkedI designed this turtle invitation with Laura in mind because she LOVES turtles! The card pattern is made up of six pieces consisting of a head, body, two feet a turtle shell and the turtle shell trim. The turtle shell trim isn’t in photo.

TURTLE TEMPLATEThe card base was made from the ‘TURTLE BODY” part. It was scored so the card opened up from the bottom. All the turtle parts were traced onto different shades of green card stock and then they were cut out. Using Multi-Purpose Tombow Glue, this is how the head and feet were adhered.

Turtle-Legs and HeadOriginally, I wanted a movable head and feet. That was in a perfect world! It just didn’t work out, because of the different layers. Oh, well I’ll have to save that idea for another time. Once the head and feet were attached, they were covered on the inside with the baby shower information., which was cut in the same shape as the card base. All were trimmed neat and tidy!

Turtle-Cut Detail



To decorate the turtle shell I ran Designer Series Paper through The BIG Shot with the Hexagon Embossing Folder. Then each and every hexagon shape was hand cut by me and Lisa. We used the embossed lines as a guide where to cut. This was truly a labor (ha, no pun intended) of love.



Here is the turtle almost complete. The shell is decorated with the hand-cut hexagons.

Turtle-Almost Finished

Turtle-Paper Piercing Edge of Shell


The next thing we did was to add the shell trim and paper pierced it for a little extra detail. Pearls were added to every other hole.





Tyrtle Head Detail



The neck of the turtle was embellished with Baker’s Twine  to look like a bow tie, another of Laura’s favorites! A smile was inked in with a black marker, pink pastel was rubbed on for cheeks and googly eyes were applied for a little added character.


Now if you would like this pattern, I don’t have a PDF of it, but will gladly mail it to you. Just E-Mail me your mailing address and I promise to mail one to you.




And, here is Remy at 5-1/2 months old!


Thanks for stopping by today. If you like this post make sure to leave me a comment!



Diane Caro, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


Fun Easter Project: Easter Owl

Easter Owl Header psI had so much fun making this Easter Owl for Jackson for his 2nd Easter! These wooden holiday forms can be found for a dollar or less at all local craft shops. I made a similar project for a Halloween decoration of a Witches Mask


Jackson loves ducks (quack, quack) and owls (hoo, hoo). I found this owl popping out of an Easter Egg and thought how cute it was. It’s a little different and unique then the average chick.

Easter Owl ps

When you purchase your wooden decorative piece, there’s an outline of the image. These are really meant for children to color and decorate, but because of the outline this project is easily made by using the outline as a template. I made a card board template by first tracing all the outlined areas separately on to tracing paper.  I then adhered the tracing paper outlines onto scrap card board and cut the pieces out. I used the card board pieces to trace around on my Designer Series Paper.  I traced the pieces on the back of the paper I was using, so the outline pen marks didn’t show.  I then cut out the shapes from all different scraps of Designer Series Paper.


Easter Owl Side ps





All the pieces were then glued down with the Tombow Multi-Purpose Glue.






The owl eyes were cut out from Whisper White and Basic Black Card Stocks.

I added a button threaded with Baker’s Twine!

Easter Owl Eye see you!

I printed out JACKSON‘s name and year from the computer and

punched it out using the Large Oval Punch.

Easter Owl Bottom

Isn’t he adorable??

Jack in Easter Hat 2014

Of course I was asking about Jack!


Easter Hugs,

Diane Caro, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


With All My Heart: Nested Hearts

Welcome to the fifth and final “With All My Heart” project.


These are paper hearts made simply from paper strips. I photographed them on a counter, because I couldn’t capture how pretty they really are with a straight on photo. So. let’s get started on how to make these beauties!

Nested Hearts 1


To Make these Hearts, here’s what you need to do:


Heart Strips


1. Cut two of the following sizes for each heart: 1″ x 4″, 1″ x 6″ and 1″ x 8″


2. Now, listen carefully… you need to stack the strips as follows: one 1″ x 4″, 1″ x 6″, 1″ x 8″, 1″ x 8″, 1″ x 6″  and 1″ x 4″



3. After you have the strips stacked the way you want,

staple them together along the bottom edge.

Strip Stack

4. Once stapled, pull three strips and curve them together toward the bottom.

Line them up and staple. Do the same to the other side.

You can wait to staple the both sides together.

Once all the strips are in place you should have three nested hearts!

It’s that simple.

Pulling Strips Together

To make a garland make as many nested hearts you want, dab glue in the top crevice and stack another heart in the crevice. this project used three hearts.

Affix a piece of ribbon as a hanger on the top heart.


Here’s a photo of one nested heart:

Single Nested Heart

Thanks for spending the week with me.

Come back next week for more Lakeside Stamper exclusives.



 Diane Caro, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator



Fancy Flower Punch: Mother’s Day Flower Pot

Blossom & Fancy Flower Punch Pot

Here's a great Mother's Day Project to make with the kids!  With a few punches, wide popsicle sticks and a small flower pot these are not only a cinch to make, but they're economical.  These would be great on your Mother's Day table as place cards as well.

Blossom & Fancy Flower Punch Pot

For this project you need the following:__________________________________________

Card Stock: 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" pieces of card stock ( I used Pumpkin Pie, Primrose Petals and Wisteria Wonder)

Punches: Stampin' Up! Blossom Punch, Fancy Flower Punch, Blossom Petals Builder Punch (For Leaves), 3/4" Circle Punch

Embellishments: Soda Pop Tops, 5/8" Whisper White Organza Ribbon, In-Color Dahlias

Non-Stampin' Up! :

3-1/2" Clay Flower Pot, Styrofoam Ball, Paper Grass and Wide Popsicle Sticks


Here's what to do:____________________________________________________________

1.   Punch six flowers out of card stock.  You need two of each color using the same punch. You want three pairs of flowers for the front and back of the popsicle sticks.


2.   Run the punched flowers through the BIG Shot with an embossing folder.


3.   Adhere the flowers on the popsicle sticks with All-Purpose White Glue.


Blossom & Fancy Flower Punch pot

4.   For each flower center punch a 3/4" Circle out of Designer Series Paper, (I used Summer Smoochies) and adhere them to the flower centers.


5.   On the top of the 3/4" flower centers, place a small Soda Pop Top and in the center of the pop top adhere an In-Color Dahlia with a Glue Dot.


6.   With the Blossom Petals Builder Punch, punch out 12 leaves, Use a designer series paper with a green pattern. Glue the leaves together around the popsicle sticks.  


7.   Cut the styrofoam ball in half and glue it into the flower pot. Stick the popicile sticks through the styrofoam ball, then glue the top of the styrofoam ball and place some of the paper grass on it.

Blossom & Fancy Flower Punch Pot

8.   Around the top rim of the flower pot, cut a 12" x 1/2' strip of designer series paper.  Over the seam place a pretty whit bow made from the Whisper White Organza Ribbon.


And there you have a darling flower pot to give as a gift just in time for Mother's Day!



Diane Caro, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


Stampin’ Up!: Oh, Whale of a Birthday Card for Zephyr

Oh, Whale Birthday Card

Today’s card share was made for Zephyr, who turned three on Friday! His favorite color is Orange and I decided to use the Oh, Whale Stamp Set.  I do love the way this card turned out. It reminds me of Zephyr, who is full of life and very aware of the world around him. Happy 3rd Birthday Zeph!

Oh, Whale Birthday Card for Zephyr

Directions for the Oh, Whale Birthday Card:

1.   For the card base cut a 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ piece of Pumpkin Pie Card Stock & score it at 4-1/4″


2.   Cut a 5″ x 3-3/4″ piece of Pacific Point Card Stock


3.   Cut a 4-3/4″ x 3-1/2″ piece of Whisper White Card StockStampin' Up! Oh, Whale


4.  Cut a 4-3/4″ x 1-1/2″ piece of Marina Mist Card Stock. Take this piece and run it through the BIG Shot with the Chevron Embossing Folder. With Paper Snips follow the top edge of the chevron and cut it using the pattern as a guide.


5.   Take a piece of Pumpkin Pie from the Polka Dot Parade Designer Series Paper pack and run it through the BIG Shot with the Happy Whale Clearlits Die. Save all the other cutouts such as the fish, heart and star to place in the water as shown.


6.   Adhere all the card components as shown in photograph, placing two Calypso Coral Designer Brads in each top corner.


7.   With Marina Mist Ink stamp the water splash image and the Happy Birthday Greeting from the Wishes Your Way Stamp Set.


8.   Using a black sharpie, marker color a Basic Pearl for the whale’s eye and the tiniest pearl for the fish.

Have a whale of a day!



Diane Caro, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


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