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Hi, stampers! I just wanted to share with you an email I received from Dolores yesterday. I don’t know nor have I ever met Dolores.  I have to tell you this was so heartwarming for me.  It’s what I hope my blog sharing does for all of you who read it. Thank you Dolores for taking the time out to write to me. It means oh sososo much!



“Good day…cannot thank you enough for this great blog. The instructions are something I have NOT been able to find even watching every video known to man/woman or so it seems. The  people presenting the videos either go at warp speed or just seem to go at slow speed and hand movements like sharing with us their new manicure.
I NOW have something to go on. I am a newbie and the step by step you’ve provided is just what I’ve been looking for. THANK YOU SO MUCH.  Keep this going by remembering not all of us have the expertise and availability of teachers to help us.  Dolores”




For me the job is easy for I’m truly doing what I love to do.  Keep the emails and comments coming! Thanks Dolores!





Diane Caro, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

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