4th of July: Kraft Paper Heart Flag…

I can’t begin to tell you that ever since I became a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator I wanted to find a way to re-use the kraft packing paper that my Stampin’ Up! orders are packed in. I must have enough of this kraft  paper to circle the globe at least twice! And, while I didn’t obsess over finding a re-use, I did think of a project I made years ago in my shop. These heart flags flew off the shelves. You can make a batch for your July 4th celebration and the cost is barely nothing. So, next time you receive an order from Stampin’ Up!, with that beautiful kraft packing paper, save it and re-use it!

Finished Kraft Heart

Kraft Packing Paper

Here’s what I started with; a bundle of the Kraft Paper. Does it look familiar?

Heart Template

The first thing I did was to flatten out the kraft paper. I don’t mind the wrinkles, because it adds to the charm. Then I took a handy-dandy file folder, my favorite for making templates and patterns, and on the folder I drew a heart and cut it out. When you draw your heart try to make it wide and short, because it’s better for stuffing.

Front & Bacl of Heart

I traced the heart pattern on folded kraft paper. I did this, because you need a heart front and a heart back, the kraft paper is also easier to cut out two layers at a time and the front and back will match up this way as well.

Sponging Heart

Before you begin this next step,  take a Post-It Note and block out the corner of the heart flag where the stars are. Then sponge Real Red Ink, or any red ink you choose to use, all over the heart. I always cut all my Stampin’ Up! Sponges into fourth’s as shown.  When the red ink dries, sponge Not Quite Navy Ink in the corner where you had the Post-It.

Dotted Scallop Border Stripe

I then punched out strips of Whisper White with the Dotted Scallop Ribbon Punch to use as the stripes. Strips=Stripes-get it?. I also punched out Whisper White stars with Stampin’ Up! retired Small Star Punch. I carefully glued the stars and stripes on with Tombow Multi Purpose Glue. Don’t worry if the some of the stars and stripes hang over the edge, you can trim those when everything dries.

Gluing Front & Back of Kraft Heart

I glued up the edges as shown, being careful to leave an opening as this heart flag will be stuffed.

Stuffing the Kraft Heart

Once the glue along the edges was dried and the front and back of the heart flag attached, I tore up more of the kraft packing paper into strips and used them to stuff the heart flag. Just stuff it enough to take a nice shape.

Kraft Heart Detail

After stuffing, I glued the opening. Before closing up the heart flag, I attached a piece of Not Quite Navy Grosgrain Ribbon for a hanger

I hope you have fun with this project, even the kids can do! If you have any questions or need the Dotted Scallop Ribbon Punch you can ORDER IT HERE. We’re also in the countdown for the Last Chance List items. Be sure to place an on-line order soon, because once they’re gone they’re gone!

Stampin’ Hugs,

Siggy 2

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