A Blessed Event…

As many of you know my friends Marisa and Todd lost Jonathan their twelve year old son last year. Well they are expecting another baby-another miracle and today was Marisa's Baby Shower. Emotions were all over the place but it was certainly a joyous occasion.  Here are a few pictures that Dawn took. I just wanted to share some of the joys of today with those of you know them. By the way Nathan is due in December.

A very emotional Marisa…


Marisa and Todd…7619_1283700293090_1247580785_30878847_6493757_n

Dawn and Marisa…


Kayla, Nathan's big sister and Marisa…7619_1283700693100_1247580785_30878857_1149032_n

Me, Mrs. Davis and Marisa…


Opening baby gifts. What could be better?7619_1283701773127_1247580785_30878884_8350287_n

Possibly eating cake?


And what shower would be complete without the "Hat?"


Thanks for stopping by…





More Sunset Beach Photos…

Here are some more photos of our vacation. We took these today. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love birds so, it was fitting to photograph the seagulls, sandpipers and of course pelicans on the beach. We bring lunch to the beach and one seagull took peanuts I was eating right from my hand. You're probably saying no big deal as birds eat from hands all the time except he was in flight!!!!
















It’s Raining, It’s Pouring….

First, today is John’s Birthday!

Here is the card I made for him before we left on vacation for Sunset Beach. I used Stampin’ Up’s In-Colors Dusty Durango, Bermuda Bay and Soft Suede I stamped the turtle from the Natures Nest Stamp Set in Soft Suede. The turtle image is fitting because here the the island we see turtles all of the time.


Actually it’s my husband John’s birthday, my brother John’s birthday and my nephew Cody’s birthday. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY  “Y’ALL!”

Second, it’s raining. I mean it’s not just raining but it’s pouring! 


What you asked do we do at the beach on a rainy day well this is what we do. 


It’s a jig-saw puzzle. If you haven’t done one of these in a while you really should. So far, it’s turned out to be a most relaxing day, along with some good eats, a little wine, napping and reading. Life is good.






Summer’s End… …Autumn’s Beginning






Many of you have emailed when I'm returning. I will be returning on October 3rd. For many of you, who know the happenings in my life, this is a well needed vacation. I  have pre-scheduled posts during this period. 

Last year in "The Vine" I wrote:

"As I reflect back on this summer it warms my heart because it was filled with doing some of my favorite things with people I love most-my family and friends." 

Well, the same goes for this summer although I didn't get to garden as much as I would have liked due to all the rain we had, I did manage to spend lots of time with family and friends at  BBQ's, graduation parties, birthday parties and Meg and John's engagement party which, I might add was a sunny day in more ways then one!

Our nights, both during the Summer and part of Autumn consists of us "Hanging Out" on the back deck with the fire pit blazing, watching fireflies, listening to kady-dids and music. This year Richard, my future son-in-laws dad stayed with us for a week. Again this was a week of NO RAIN! We ate every meal outside on the deck and much card playing, great conversation and laughter was shared. Life is good and simple here and we like it that way, simple.

So, remember in these tough times, "The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have." 

See you In October!!!!

HUGS & stamps,

Where the Sun Sets in North Carolina…

Well John and I are finally on vacation at Sunset Beach, North Carolina. We have been coming here for over 22 years and still love it here. It feels like home-comfortable and familiar.  You have to love the beach, sand, sunsets and flip flops because that is the sort of vacation it is. 

Sunset Beach is an island in the southern most part of North Carolina. It is where the sun sets in North Carolina. It's true. We just have to go down Main Street to the island's tip and every night we get a perfect seat to watch the perfect sunset. You get to this magical place by means of a pontoon bridge soon to be replaced with a modern day bridge-too bad about that. The bridge has always been part of the charm. Just today when we went to Bill's Seafood  to pick up scallops, yummy, he said that the Golden Rule is, "Those who have the gold make the rules." Here are a few photos from the trip so far. I will post more from time to time.  i'm also trying when I have a little time to post some projects I did before I left.  The internet connection here is slooooooow…

The Moon (as if you couldn't figure that out)



Below is a photo of a seagull. He was very cooperative and I got a few close ups of him. I say he because he later showed off big time!



A Palm Tree on our block…


One of the perfect sunsets…



Wish you were here.

HUGS & Sunsets,





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