In Memory of Jonathan…

Jonathan 1996-2008

It's hard to believe three years ago we lost Jonathan. In his memory I dedicate today's post to Jonathan alias "Superman" and "Johnny Rockets." Jonathan taught me about life, love, laughter, peace, determination, friendship, kindness, giving, being silly, acceptance, joy, and in the end pain and lost. I am truly a different person because of my friendship with this remarkable 12 year old. I ask that you keep Jonathan, his mother Marisa, father Todd (the best parents in the world), sister Kayla, brother Trevor and soon to be new brother Nathan in your very special prayers today.


Thank you, Diane 


Jonathan at our Labor Day BBQ (2008). 

Jonathan at our BBQ 2008
To read Jonathan's story go to


Freaky Snow Storm…

I don’t know where you are, but here in Northeastern New York, we’re experiencing a, “Freaky Snow Storm!” Here are a few pictures I just took to share with you. How fitting that I’m working on my Holiday Extravaganza Class. It’s strange to see snow on trees that the leaves haven’t even come down yet. If you’re somewhere warm, I’m jealous for sure.

Freaky Snow Stom 10-29-11 1


Outdoor dining anyone???

Freaky Snow Storm 10-29-11 2

One of our many Maple Trees. Leaves haven’t changed color yet!

Freaky Snow Storm 10-29-11 3

Autumn Wonderland…

Freaky Snow Storm 10-29-11 4

Freaky Snow Storm 10-29-11 5

Crazy I tell you.

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Lakeside Stamper Sharing Saturday…

Salutations on this Saturday Stampers!

I'm going through mouth surgery and anyone who has gone through this knows how painful it can be. For the past week my days have been whining to my family, while popping antibiotics and pain medication, so today when I sat on the deck whining, theses little guys came out of the woods and really made my Saturday. 

I know that next month Ill be complaining about them  as I chase them out of my gardens, but they made my day today. I just wanted to share John's photos with you, so you will take five minutes out of your hectic, crazy and even painful day to really see what's around you. It really is the little things…

Have a Sensational Saturday!

Stampin Hugs,

Baby Fawn 1

Baby Fawns 7


“Lions and Tigers and Turkeys, Oh My”…

This backyard visitor is giving my Thanksgiving meal a new meaning-like maybe we’ll do lasagna or something else for Thanksgiving. He visits everyday and has been seen eating at the bottom of our bird feeders and eating all of the fallen acorns. He’s quite timid and comical as he runs away across our very big back lawn like a roadrunner. I keep telling my husband John, “He’s such a little chicken” referring to his personality.  And, John quickly replies, “No he isn’t Diane, he’s a turkey!”





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